8 Rules for Choosing the Right Domain Name

Unless you have a business where you’re not looking to grow traffic, choosing the right domain name for your business website couldn’t be more important. Following are a number of rules I consider essential when contemplating a new domain name. Brainstorm Keywords When you first begin your domain name search, it helps to understand the(…)

Step by Step Process to Create BLOG Post in WordPress

In this post, we outline the very easy Six Steps in creating a new BLOG posts in WordPress. Step #1 – Login to your Dashboard The first thing you must do is to log into your Dashboard, which can be found at  You’ll need your Username and Password to accomplish this.  Once logged in,(…)

Questions I ask Potential Clients

I’m often asked what questions I ask when a potential client calls and wants a price quote for a new website. Most (but not all) seem to understand that I can’t just give them a quote until I know more about what they want and at least something about their business. Listed below are the(…)

ABA of North Texas

North Texas Web Design is proud to announce the launching of ABA of North Texas. ABA of North Texas provides Behavioral Services for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities. The programs at ABA of North Texas consist of center-based and in-home consultation and supervision services which are based on principles(…)

Ten Reasons why we like WordPress

Here at North Texas Web Design, we specialize in both custom websites as well as a variety of CMS (Content Management System) websites, custom eCommerce website development as well as custom database development and application. From a CMS perspective, we prefer WordPress more than any other CMS. When WordPress was first launched in 2003, it(…)


North Texas Web Design is proud to announce the launching of AMXCATMAN, L.P.  AMXCATMAN is a company of the AMX Group of Companies, which was founded in 1996 and has quickly become a leading participant in the construction management, environmental, specialty contracting and restoration & reconstruction industries. AMXCATMAN is a Full Service Provider with our(…)

Noah’s Ark

North Texas Web Design is proud to announce the launching of Noah’s Ark Animal Shelter in Gainesville, Texas.  This is a redo website using WordPress. We opted for WordPress for several reasons, chief of which was our clients desire to be able to manage their own website. The second major reason was my clients desire(…)

Clear Skin Essentials

North Texas Web Design is proud to announce the launching of Clear Skin Essentials – an ACNE Clinic at 904 W. McDermott, Suite 303 in Allen, Texas.  Clear Skin Essentials is a brand new business and features both acne treatment as well as products by a licensed Esthetician. Clear Skin Essentials is an eCommerce website(…)

How to Secure Your WordPress Website from Hackers

Millions of websites are powered by WordPress software and there’s a very good reason for that. WordPress is the most developer-friendly Content Management System (CMS) available today. With WordPress and a little bit of knowledge and experience, you can essentially do anything you want with it. Unfortunately, there are some downsides. For example, you must(…)

Hiring a Web-Designer

Hiring a web designer can be a tough proposition, especially if you’re non-technical. As the owner of North Texas Web Design, I’ve been building custom websites since 2005. And while it’s not essential that you hire a local web designer, I’ve heard so many “war stories” from clients who’ve hired somebody, given a deposit, then(…)